Yes This Will Get a Little Wordy but following rules are important 

  • No discussion of politics

  • No discussion of religion nor putting anyone down for their origin or sexual ordination.I feel very strong about the above two rules.

  • Not a Dating Group...well this rule has been broken but it is a darn shame when two peoples dating falls apart. It usually means one leaves the group.

  • You are responsible for own happiness. If you are unhappy and 90% of the surround group is happy then it is your bad day. You are not allowed to bring down or steal other people happiness. I will address the behavior if it begins to impact the group.

  • No drugs on Trails or Camping Areas. Pot is difficult because even though legal the second hand smoke has been an issue for many. So the rule is never partake on the trail. Regular smoking on most trails is prohibited anyway....

  • Pot 
    • for camping at an Adult Only Trip is ok
      • providing the it does not break the rules for the camping area,
      • and a designated smoking area is established which is usually the same area for designated smokers
    • Vamping would also be in that designated area.

  • No vamping or smoking pot on designated family camping trip where kids are attending.


  • Never on the trail or day trips...after the  main event for a lunch or dinner drinking with the group is totally up to you...the hiking portion is over by that point.

  • Alcohol while Camping has taught me a lot of lessons. I have seen people drink to point that they regretted their actions the next day. .

  • So on our family trips with kids I would strongly suggest that you partake carefully.
    • If any kind of drunken behavior is exhibited you will be asked to leave the camp by me and possibly banned from the group from all future camping events. One should know their limits, but honestly drinking beyond one or two robs one of understanding their limits.. It is just embarrassing and dangerous to have a someone drunk in front of kids.

  • Alcohol on Adults Only events
    • You are responsible to understanding the rules of the area where we are camping at. Adult Catalina is example of a drink trip... providing we are following the rules of the camping area.
    • I never want to be banned from going back as Group to Catalina at our group spot. 10 pm at all camping spots is quiet time. Haven't seen a camping area yet where the rules are party all night long. If you are socializing and drinking after 10 pm do it respectfully so other half the group can asleep. So basically follow the camping rules that are posted at each camping area.

Please note that each state handles alcohol and pot differently. What one can do in one state can get them into serious trouble in another state. Many of our trips are out of state. If you are break a law in another state that could impact the group, I will notify you and expect a modification that eliminate liability to our group.

At the end of this all members must understand and follow my direction. If I approach them about concerns I have to the health of group based on an action, I expect that a member will understand that the concern is just, and their actions should be modify appropriately. I will do my best to respectful but to the point.

Well that is a lot to share, but understand you and this group means a lot to me. We are group, and for short periods of time a modification one's partake is required to be surrounded by many. It is not single anyone out. If anything, it is for a brief moment of time bring people together.

Jason Bruecks